Developing MVC academic application with Qt 4.8

  • Hi there, im a CS student and im new with Qt, i've to develop a chart visualizer application using g++ and Qt 4.8 (not 5).
    The target is to use the object oriented properties to plot many kinds of charts (histogram, pie, lines, e.g .) and load/store/modify datas using xml.
    I'm trying to understand which class hierarchy to use but i'd like to use MVC model but i cant understand/find what to do.
    For plotting i can choose if develop myself an appropriate class drawing "by pixels" or use some Qt's classes like Plotter widget.

    But i'd like to understand which class plays MVC roles:

    • Model: i fetch datas via xml using Qt's classes
    • View: Plotter or something similar
    • Control/delegate: for handling the view's data?

    I'm supposed to keep them separately to follow mvc it correct or im missing something?!


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    You are correct. You will have to implement it all yourself, though. There are no built-in helpers for that, apart from QAbstractItemModel and friends.

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