Using QStylesheet in Custom Style -> wrong palette.

  • Hello all,

    I use Qt4.8.4 to build an desktop application. I want to use QStyleSheet to apply a custom look and feel to my application. However I also need to draw custom ui elements in a MyStyle (which inherits from QWindowsVistaStyle). I want to style them with the values from my QStyleSheet.

    What works:
    I set the QStyleSheet to my QApplication, it gets correctly applied on my QWidgets as long as I paint default elements through MyStyle.
    But requesting the palette and painting i.e. a rectangle by my self I still get the default style configuration.

    QWidget {
    background: #e18918;

    Some draw.
    void MyStyle::drawPrimitive(QStyle::PrimitiveElement element, const QStyleOption *opt,
    QPainter *p, const QWidget *w) const

    qDebug() << opt->palette.background().color;


    Painting the item with the default element provides me the correct orange color, however the background color in opt is still default gray.

    How can I read / get the correct value from the QStyleSheet?



  • Ok,

    i checked some code... it looks like that you can not use CSS Styles within custom widgets...

    @ if (QStyleSheetStyle* cssStyle = qobject_cast<QStyleSheetStyle*>(style)) {

            cssStyle->styleSheetPalette(this, &opt, &opt.palette);


    seems to be the magic, but QStyleSheetStyle is only private, is there any public interface?



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