Qt Application crashes/ASSERT

  • I am facing a qt application crash in my windows xp OS. This qt application plays flash videos from youtube website using QWebkit.

    I am getting the below mentioned error message in the assert dialog.
    ASSERT: "bitmap" in file image\qnativeimage.cpp line 117

    Not getting any clue why this is happening, please advice.

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    Based on the information you are providing it is hard to give you any sound advice.
    So the only reply can be very generic. Something is messed up when you come to this location.

  • Hi Thanks for your reply.
    Actually I have created one qt application which uses QWebView to play youtube website.
    I am playing the flash videos on this website , and the QWebView window parent has been changed .
    I have mstsc running in my machine , so that I have changed the parent of my webview dialog to the mstsc window using SetParent api of win32.

    When I am navigating from one video to another in youtube website sometimes my qt app is crashing.
    As per the source code of the above mentioned line 117 in file qnativeimage.cpp, BITMAP creation is getting fail.

    I am having qt4.8.1 sdk running in windows xp 32 bit os.

    Please let me know if you need any other information

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