Qt5.0.1 fileDialog is giving warning should I really care about it ?

  • if I call windows filedialog to get directories it says this warning
    Invalid parameter 'Directories' not found in 'All Files (*)'."

    I do not understand what parameter i am supply is invalid
    locationDialog->getExistingDirectory(m_window, "Destination", "Folder");

    i never had problem with qt4 with almost same call

  • Hi, Maybe post your code as well, but maybe it has to do with the setting of the "seek" directory where the fileopen should start be looking.

  • I've got the same warning in some code. After further research it looks like a bug in Qt code introduce in Qt 5 :


  • Thank you for pointing me to that QTBUT-30001, seems like I dont need to put my more time to figure out what i am doing wrong.
    I see it is coming in 5.0.3 so i will wait for that to upgrade.

  • I ran across this same warning:

    @selectNameFilter: Invalid parameter 'Directories' not found in 'All Files (*)'.@

    Previous users cited that the fix should be delivered in Qt 5.0.3 I am using
    Qt 5.1.1.

    Snippet causing the warning:

    @QFileDialog dialog(this);

    Warning removed by updating to:

    @QFileDialog dialog(this);

    I do not understand this warning, "QFileDialog::AllFiles" is used with "setFileMode", correct? Why would you ever select a name filter when using a mode to select a directory? Is there functionality to filter directory names?

  • Moderators

    i guess the filter should look like this:
    "All Files (.)" //instead of "(*)"

  • v5.1.1 user
    The solution for eliminating the warning message when using "getExistingDirectory" is to use the options:
    QFileDialog::ShowDirsOnly | QFileDialog::HideNameFilterDetails

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