Qmake 3.0 sensitive to directory it is run from

  • So I'm having an issue where my OSX app icon no longer works while upgrading from qt 4.8 to qt 5.0. I've tracked it down to what I believe is a bug in qmake 3.0

    This can easily be reproduced on Qt Creator.

    From qt-creator/src/app run qmake -spec macx-g++ app.pro. If you look at the all: line in the created Makefile you will see

    @all: Makefile ../../bin/Qt\ Creator.app/Contents/PkgInfo ../../bin/Qt\ Creator.app/Contents/Resources/empty.lproj ../../bin/Qt\ Creator.app/Contents/Info.plist ../../bin/Qt\ Creator.app/Contents/Resources/qtcreator.icns $(TARGET)
    which adds the dependency on the icon. However, if you run this from a different directory than where the .pro file is located that dependency is dropped:

    @all: Makefile bin/Qt\ Creator.app/Contents/PkgInfo bin/Qt\ Creator.app/Contents/Resources/empty.lproj $(TARGET)

    So the icon is not installed into the bundle. This breaks building in a directory outside the source tree, as far as I can tell.

    Am I missing something? Is this intended? I just wanted to check before opening a bug report.

  • I should have said, repeating this with qmake 2.01a produces the same Makefile regardless of where it is run from.

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