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Howto implement a multi-tap input method for qt5?

  • Hi, all.
    I'm working on a embedded project which has only one qt5 app running in frontend. The device we using has a 3x4 number keypad, and we want to implement a multi-tap input method for qt5. Can anyone tell me that how can we do that? Are there any document and example?

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    Did you get the answer for your question?

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    as long as the touchscreen and OS supports it, Qt will also support it.

  • Hi Raven,
    I dont think so if Jacky is speaking about "touch screen" application.

    What i understand is, he has a "numpad" keyboard in his device. Something like low-end mobile phone. Where, each key is mapped to "three" alphabets.

    And he want to know, if Qt has a facility to take input as "multi-tap"

    I have a the same scenario in my case.

    I know that there are some input methods hints


    For example, if we want to allow entering only numbers , we can set the method hint as Qt::ImhPreferNumbers. What i think is, Qt will open "numpad" for entering numbers.

    Is there any way, where i can get "multi-tap" keyboard on screen or dont show the keyboard but take the input as "multitap"?

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