The *.lib files present in lib folder of Qt (Static or import libs)

  • The *.lib (QtGuid4.lib, QtCored4.lib, ...) files present the lib folder of Qt are static libs or import libs to support dll?

    [[Merged identical topics here, they are more visible in this forum than in the india one, Tobias]]

  • If you mean dlls from QtSDK so they are import libs to support dll.

  • To compile my code i use these *.lib files present in lib folder of Qt.
    These are not static libs right?
    There is no any static link in the application right?

    I want to sell my application with opensource LGPL 2.1 license.

  • You should rebuild whole Qt as static. But remember there are some limitations with plugins.

  • I compiled qt. It generated the libs in Qt\4.8.2\lib folder. I am using the libs.

    I want to know by any chance are these referred as static libs. I use them during compilation.

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