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Download QtCreator based on Qt4.x

  • At this page:

    I don't see an "older versions" link under Creator. I would like a binary of a version of Creator built against Qt4.8 (the one on the download page is against 5.0.1. Is there somewhere I can find this?



  • Well you can get it with Qt 4.8.4 installer or build it.

  • Moderators

    The Qt Creator binaries that are shipped as part of the Qt 5.x packages are indeed linked against Qt 5.

    The stand-alone Qt Creator packages are build against Qt 4.8 though.

  • Tobias,

    Ah, you're right. This is very unclear on this page: - in the Qt Creator (only) section it says "Qt Creator 2.6.2 is included in the Qt 5.0.1 binary packages." Since it doesn't say anything about Qt4.x, it seemed reasonable to assume it was built against Qt5.0.1. Do you think this could be clarified?


  • Moderators

    I can not change the text on the web site, sorry. You can always try to "file a bug report": against it.

    Why would you want a creator build against Qt 4 anyway? Creator does support both Qt 4 and Qt 5, independently of which Qt version it uses.

  • I have a Designer widget (.so file) that I am trying to use. In the stand alone QtCreator, I place the file in qtcreator-2.6.2/bin/designer and it is loaded when I launch QtCreator. However, in the QtCreator that comes bundled with the QtLibraries (the one built against Qt5), I tried placing the same .so file in Qt5.0.1/Tools/QtCreator/bin/designer, but it does not seem to be loaded when I launch this version of QtCreator. I was just assuming it was a vesion problem.


  • Moderators

    That is a version problem, yes.

    But Qt is very picky when it comes to loading plugins (it has to be... C++ binary compatibility is tricky;). Even minor version upgrades should break this.

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