Would Qt5 be a big helper to popularise c++11?

  • Qt5 support c++11, if you want to bring Qt5 into full play, you need the power
    of c++11. Future is hard to predict, and we still waiting for Qt5 to support android,
    iOS and become popularise. I don't know c++11 would be popularise or not, but I would
    like to know the users of this forum, who begin to play with Qt5, what do you think about

    Make c++ easier to use and learn?
    make c++ more efficient?
    hard to use and so on.

    "Qt and embedded":http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2013/02/27/qt-showing-off-its-portability-power-at-embedded-world-2013/#comments

    Don't know those developers adopt c++11 or not, what do they think
    about c++11?pros and cons?

    There are many developers still treat c++03 as "c with classes"
    I do hope c++11 could change or alleviate this phenomenons
    since it really makes c++ become cleaner, faster and easier to use(for me).

  • A big helper to popularize C++11 would be compiler vendors ramping up on C++11 feature implementation. Qt itself has long provided alternatives to the standard library that are better feature wise. Stuff like threads, for each and so on has long been supported by Qt and has just now been introduced to the standard. And while Qt5 itself features some C++11 optimizations, it does not require developers to use C++11 features, not to mention the focus is heavily shifted away from C++ in general, so no, I don't see Qt5 as a BIG HELPER to popularize C++11. However, by adding support for Android and iOS, Qt will become a big helper to popularize C++ by finally providing a unified tool set that supports all major platforms while at the same time retaining the advantage of platform native code.

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