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ROS Qt Phonon needs 'make' after restart

  • Hi all ,

    I have developed a Qt GUI that displays widgets based on an XML string received from a SMACH state machine routed through ROS. The application uses Phonon to display video/audio and is being run under Ubuntu 11.10 with ROS electric. The problem I am having is each time the ubuntu machine is turned off or restarted I have to make the project again for video,audio and images to show up. If I do not make again the application runs perfectly , however, video does not appear and images do not show up on the screen. There are no errors so it is hard to find where the problem is originating. I am using virtual box but have tried on a dedicated ubuntu machine and the problem persists. I am unsure if this is a ROS, Qt or Ubuntu problem so any input on what I may be doing wrong from a Qt point of view would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if any more information is required.


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