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[SOLVED] QSound via Jack (Qt5.0)

  • I am wondering if QSound can be configured to play via Jack on Linux ?

    Has anyone done this ? are there any examples out there that do more than call QSound::play(..) ?

    i noticed the documentation of QSound between "4.8": and "5.0": has changed as it has removed the platform <-> audio facilities table in the detailed description. Has this changed ? or hasn't the documentation been updated yet ?

    any help would be appreciated.

  • apparently not. i ended up reading the wav file myself using sndlib and then registering myself as a jack client and streaming the file in


    i tried to enter the whole code but the posts can not be larger than 6000 characters. if anyone would like the source just dm me and i'll send it across.

    please note that this only works with wav files that are sampled in the same speed as jack is running, but since i have control of the wav files, that wasn't a problem


    it's a pretty simple implementation.. (just enough for it to work)
    you can play multiple wav files at the time (as many as MAXIMUM_CHANNELS

    it will create as many jack channels as MAXIMUM_CHANNELS
    with the name that you pass into the

    i have only taken 2 channels for stereo for each channel




    myclient_[MAXIMUM_CHANNELS - 1]:outport_0
    myclient_[MAXIMUM_CHANNELS - 1]:outport_1

  • Hi, you can give a try to QtMultimedia module.

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