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[Delete] Model/View QAbstractListModel and Forms

  • Just started working the Model/View classes and have run into a problem. I created my model using QAbstractListModel and showing the data in a QListView, No problem so far. Now I would like to display the items in a series of QLineEdit widgets. For test purposes I only have 4 items in the list, all QStrings. I created a QDataWidgetMapper, set my model and then used the following:


    Needless to say my four list items are not showing up in the QLineEdit widgets. I played around with the orientation put didn't seem to help. I did notice that when I changed the data in the first QLineEdit it did change in my QListView. Changes in the other QLineEdits didn't do anything until I changed the first QLineEdit again.

    So I figure my problem must be in how things are getting mapped but I have run out of ideas.


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