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Make QtCreator recognize costum widgets

  • Hi everyone,

    i have tried several things found in the examples available, but I can not make my widgets show up in the QtCeators design view.
    I downloaded(copied) the files from
    added an analogclock.json with the content@{
    "Keys": [ "analogclock","widgetttt" ]
    cd to a build folder, qmake, mingw32-make, mingw32-make install

    My system is win7 64 bit, qt5.0.1 32bit-mingw

    If no one can give me a clue I will give it up...

    Can anyone help me?

  • Moderators

    Qt is rather picky as to which plugins it will load. Did you build your custom widget plugin with the same settings creator was build (using same Qt, same compiler, etc.)? IIRC Creator is build with MSVC2010 on windows, independently of how the Qt in the same package was built.

    You can either try to reproduce the exact settings used to build Creator at your box (the settings used should be documented in the manual) or just build creator yourself. From my experience the latter approach will take less time.

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