Qt 5.0 QWebView crashing problem

  • I am migrating from Qt 4.8.4 to Qt 5.0.1 and have run into a problem with the QWebView. In debug my application works fine with QWebView objects, but in release the application crashes when attempting to access anything on the QWebView object such as page(). So I created a small test application to eliminate any thing that the rest of my application could be doing to case the crash. But even this small test application build in release mode crashes.

    This is running on Windows 8 built as 32bit using Visual Studio 2012, as were all the Qt libraries. Here is the sample cod, the crash happens when calling webView.page():

    // WebKitTest.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.

    #include "stdafx.h"

    #include <QtWidgets>
    #include <QWebView>

    int _tmain(int , _TCHAR* [])
    int tmpargc = 0;
    char *argv = NULL;
    QApplication app(tmpargc, &argv);

    QWidget mainWidget;
    QWebView webView(&mainWidget);

    return app.exec();

  • I have also built the webkit browser example. When I run the debug it works, when I run the release version it crashes.

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