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[Solved] Help needed putting two SVGs side by side

  • Hello, this is my first post here
    I'm having trouble putting these two SVG files together, as shown in the image.
    The black line inbetween them is not supposed to be there.

    The SVG on the left is scaling up and down, while the arrowhead stays the same size, but should always stick to the end. When scaling, the space between them varies between what seems like 0 to 4 pixles, so I can't just say "x-1" for the position.
    This is what I use, as of now:

    Is there a way to remove what seems like a border around the sceneBoundingRect, or is there a better way of setting the position of the arrowhead?

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    Would be easy in QML, but this seems like QGraphicsView. Try disabling antialiasing, maybe halfpixels are to blame here?

  • I've never tried QML, but I have tried disabling antialiasing and there was no difference.

    I'm not planning to convert all my code to QML because of this little thing. Thanks, but I guess I'll havea to keep looking for a simple solution.

  • Are you sure the svg with a rectangle on the left doesn't have a border? Maybe there are some artefacts in file itself.

  • After inspecting the SVG files i found that there was a 0.3px opaque border on both SVG files. I didn't think professional designers would make such a basic mistake, but then again I am guilty of the same thing.

    Thank you very much for helping me with this.

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