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The program has unexpectedly finished with code 1073741819

  • I have read many threads regarding the program crashing with code 1073741819 but in most cases it's the pointer or memory allocation problem. My application was running smoothly. I made no changes and when I randomly ran the application, this error was thrown. I read many threads on how to solve it but it didn't help. Reopening Qt solved it. Today I have the same problem again. I tried restarting Qt but the problem persists.


    I don't know how to setup a debugger or even install one. And I can't post my code because I have more than 8 classes and the code is huge.

  • Yes you are rigth, this is a allocation problem. When i get same error debugging helps me and every time it was a buggy code. What toolchain you use? Why cant debug it? Any way you can put qDebug() messages into a suspicious parts of the code.

  • That's the thing. The application works well. No issues, no errors. Suddenly it starts throwing this error so I have NO idea which part of the code is buggy.
    Btw, an hour after I posted the question, my app started working. It's mysterious. But I want to be prepared for the next time it behaves unexpectedly

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    If you can't debug, you have to check that every allocation is associated with a deallocation (That can be partially done using a static code analyzer).

    If you're on linux/os x (but the error code makes me think you're running Windows) you might want to run your application through Valgrind.

  • The application is running fine for now. I'll give Valgrind a shot and mark this question solved if it works out for me.

    Thanks for your reply.

    EDIT: I'm working on Windows and I just realized Valgrind is for Linux. I'll look for an alternative

  • utcenter@ Nice app

    how can i locate problem from this message?:

    Error #10: LEAK 264 direct bytes 0x025bd510-0x025bd618 + 0 indirect bytes

    0 ole32.dll!CoRevokeInitializeSpy +0x1a7 (0x760b8362 <ole32.dll+0x48362>)

    1 ole32.dll!CoRevokeInitializeSpy +0x20b (0x760b83c6 <ole32.dll+0x483c6>)

    2 ole32.dll!CoRevokeInitializeSpy +0x34f (0x760b850a <ole32.dll+0x4850a>)

    3 ole32.dll!CoGetTreatAsClass +0x2339 (0x7609c801 <ole32.dll+0x2c801>)

    4 KERNEL32.dll!BaseThreadInitThunk +0x11 (0x74f13677 <KERNEL32.dll+0x13677>)

    5 ntdll.dll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain +0x62 (0x76ff9d72 <ntdll.dll+0x39d72>)

    6 ntdll.dll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain +0x35 (0x76ff9d45 <ntdll.dll+0x39d45>)

  • I haven't used it myself, just shared it since it runs on windows as well.

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