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Сompilation .dll in Qt Creator

  • I am trying to recompile GLTools lib from superbible 5 in qt. I have added to all .h files "gltools_global.h" and Q_DECL_EXPORT derictive, excluding glew.h, glxew.h,wglew.h. And during the biuld i am still getting errors:

    undefined reference to glGetIntegerv@8' //12 same notes with other gl functions bad reloc address 0x1b in section.text$_Z7fprintfP6_iobufPKcz[__Z7fprintfP6_iobufPKcz]'
    error: ld returned 1 exit status

    What can cause this problem? Is there any easy solutions, without adding Q_DECL_EXPORT to glew.h?

    Thanks for any help.

  • This question doesn't have anything to do with Qt. Qt is a library not a compiler or linker.

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