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Embed a project into another.

  • Hi. I have a main and a secondary qt project.
    The secondary project has a form created from main.cpp.
    Is there a way for embed the form of the second peoject into the main project?

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    Yes. Just include the header and add it to your QLayout in main. You can also use qmake subdirs template.

  • I'm not sure to have understood correctly. I have copied the sources of the secondary project in the folder of the main project.
    Can you explain step by step the right way to embed in a standard main qt project a secondary standard qt project?

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    There is no standard way, as such. Depends on what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

    If what you want is to use a widget created in project A inside project B, then you need to add it to project B (add files to .pro, include headers in source code), instantiate the widget and add it to layout.

    If you want to have 2 projects grouped together (for example, a library and dependent application), you can use qmake subdirs template and specify path to subdirs in main .pro file.

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