Can't Access MetaEnums from QStyle

  • Hi,

    I wanted to make a debug application to list and show the QStyle's StandardPixmaps. So the best way I could think of was iterating through the QMetaEnum "StandardPixmap". But I found out that QStyle has no Meta information.
    Is that right, or I missed something here?

    @ QStyle *style = this->style();
    qDebug() << style->metaObject()->enumeratorCount();
    qDebug() << style->metaObject()->enumerator(style->metaObject()->indexOfEnumerator("StandardPixmap")).name();@

    Is there another way to view the list of StandardPixmaps ?

  • Nevermind, I resolved iterating only on StandardPixmap indexes as int. I can't show the StandardPixmap's enum string but it works the same

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