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How to Generate a Signal for Qtable Widget

  • I am Having One dialog window in that One Table Widget ,
    I am creating rows dynamically with five columns, in that last column is Amount

    My problem is When i entered some data in the Amount Field (which is last column of the row in my table)
    the data should appear in the Line Edit
    can anyone help in this?
    Thanks in Adavance

  • Oke,
    Your not really clear, maybe add a picture to support your post??
    The table widget has signals that are issues when data is edited etc. Maybe connect that to a slot that will set the LineEdit text?
    Or maybe the issue here is that you have to set your table to be editable, or at least the last row of it.
    Like I said before, bit more information about you Gui setup is needed!

  • Thanks Jeroentje@home

    for your reply I will try to put picture

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