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OpenGL for simple graphical view?

  • Hi :)

    I'd like to write a little tetris fot training and i'm wondering wether i should use OpenGL for the graphical output or a standard QPainter.

    Is the Qt Support for OpenGL more than just hardwareacceleration for graphics?

  • I would use the QPainter approach unless you need something in 3D (hmmm 3D tetris?). I don't think that performance will be an issue using QPainter.

  • You can use QPainter on a QGLWidget, it can still offer a considerable boost.

    Alternatively, you can implement your own QQuickItem with custom geometry nodes and easily implement both 2d and 3d tetris elements by using standard openGL approaches towards constructing geometry.

  • Thanks to both of you:) i guess i will look into it, for now it should become 2d, but who knows how it may evolve^^ (im actually happy if get the 2d collision detection right ;))

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