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Problem in QtCreator with character "

  • in Qtcreator for windows, I entered QHostAddress(""), it compiled without any problem, but in the QtCreator under Ubuntu Linux, I entered the same thing and got compiler error message: stray "\302..." in program. I copied the code from windows to linux, and found when viewed in the editor inside QtCreator, " is shown differently, " copied from windows is longer then " entered directly under Linux. I donot know what causes the difference? how to fix it? thanks a lot

  • In what is difference. And if your project is not to big, can you post it? Then we could give a real advice.

  • I mean double quote mark " " entered under linux causing codes cannot be compiled.

  • If it compiled correctly then you did not type:

    with so-called 'smart' quotes ("U+201F, U+201D": etc) or the like, you must have typed:

    with "straight" quotes (U+0022) which is what your compiler is expecting.

    The stray "\302" is indicative of a byte with hex value C2, part of a UTF-8 encoding for a character in the range "U+0080 to U+00BF": being interpreted a a simple C-string without regard for its encoding. Exactly where the data is coming from or being mangled we cannot see.

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