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QtSerialPort generate help files

  • Hi,

    i had built QtSerialPort from source like described in the "wiki": Now i want to generate the help files but when i execute "qdoc3 serialport.qdoconf" i became this:

    @./src/namespace.qdoc:28: Cannot find 'QtSerialPort' specified with '\namespace'
    in any header file
    ./src/getsrc.qdoc:60: Missing '\endcode'
    ./src/build.qdoc:28: Cannot link to 'Examples'@

    There are html files in the /doc path but not the documentation is not complete (no class description, no examples, etc.)
    I use Qt 4.8.3, Win7 x64

    I´m not familiar with the qt help system so can me pls tell someone where is the mistake? :)
    thanks in advance.

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    At the moment, the documentation is not ready and incorrect configured, so far do without documentation, e.g. just see the comments in the source code and examples. :)

  • oh ok, what a pity, thanks for your reply

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