QtWebKit: Symbol not found Mac OS X 10.6

  • I'm trying to compile Sigil 0.7.0 for Mac OS X 10.6. Sigil uses Qt 5.x. (I have successfully compiles Sigil 0.6.2 for Mac OS X 10.5, and that uses Qt 4.x)

    With either the pre-compiled Qt5.0.1, or a version I've built myself from source, I get a dynamic load error when trying to run the final app:

    Dyld Error Message:
    Symbol not found: _kCFWebServicesProviderDefaultDisplayNameKey
    Referenced from: /Volumes/Sigil/Sigil.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/QtWebKit.framework/Versions/5/QtWebKit
    Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.framework/Versions/A/CoreFoundation
    in /Volumes/Sigil/Sigil.app/Contents/MacOS/../Frameworks/QtWebKit.framework/Versions/5/QtWebKit

    This seems fairly clear. QT5 WebKit references a symbol (kCFWebServicesProviderDefaultDisplayNameKey) that is not defined in the Mac OS X 10.6 CoreFoundation Framework.

    So I would expect to be able to examine the source, and find the reference, and see if I can substitute something else.

    BUT. Although I can find kCFWebServicesProviderDefaultDisplayNameKey in a an examination of the QtWebKit.framework that gets built into Sigil, I cannot find that constant (or anything even similar) in any of the source files, neither Qt5 nor Sigil 0.7.0.

    And I can find no information about this constant on the web or in Apple's documentation.

    I suspect that I'm missing the wood for the trees.

    I'm be most grateful for any ideas on the next steps to take.

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