Qt Linguist: HTML and RTL-languages

  • Translator to hebrew in our project is facing some difficutlies with HTML links. For example, original english string
    @You've earned %1 %2. <a href="%3">Want more?</a>@

    becomes all messed up:
    @אתה הרווחת %1. <a href="%2">רוצה יותר?</a> {1 %2.?} {3"?}@

    The problem rises when RTL-text happens to be before HTML tag (try to type something like יותר<a href="#">יותר</a> inside Linguist input. I've recoreded a video that illustrates this problem — http://youtu.be/wL0nhJ4Qso0?hd=1

    Right now we just editing XML directly.
    Can it be helped? Thanks!

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