Qt 5.0.1 mingw (Problem on win8)

  • I have compiled my application in release version. Fullfilled directory of my .exe with all needed .dll's but all the time trying to start programm, I get "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error". I tried to compile more easy programs but they had the same problem, after placing all .dll it couldn't start. What can cause this problem? Sorry for my english.

  • During working in qt creator everithing works, but when i am trying to start application independently of IDE it shows Visual C++ Runtime Error, hope it will help to solve problem.

  • Based on the little information you are providing it looks a bit like you are missing the dlls. You can load the exe outside of the IDE into dependency walker. This will tell you which dlls are missing.
    The dependency walker may be downloaded from "here.":http://www.dependencywalker.com/

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