QtCreator deploy on target warning : "Don't know what to run"

  • Hello,
    I have a target platform based on Linux. I have just created Kit, Qt Version and Device for my platform and connection test works fine (I am able to connect to the platform from Qt Creator).
    I have just created an empty console application for understanding the application deploy feature on target but in the "Run Settings" there is the following message :

    "Don't know what to run"

    Why ?

    Paolo Patierno

  • Moderators

    How do you build your project? How do you deploy it?

  • I have solved setting INSTALLS variable into pro file with target.path to the path of my binary. Is it the right solution ?

  • Hi Paolo,

    I'm having the same problem, the QT documentation on this seems really unclear. Could you post what you ended up doing that works?


    Morgan McKenzie

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