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Qt Creator 2.6.2 & Keyboard shortcuts?

  • It seems that keyboard shortcuts do not work properly on the latest Qt Creator -- the default bind for Toggle Comment Selection, for example is CTRL+/ and I've used it since ages with earlier versions. With 2.6.2 pressing the combo (CTRL+SHIFT+7) does nothing. Setting the combo to, ALT+SHIFT+K seems to works properly.

    This a bug or what? I'm on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.

    • Matti

  • Moderators

    I guess it is.

    Try using the Qt Creator stand-alone packages: Those are build against Qt 4. If the bug does not happen there, then please file a bug against Qt 5, otherwise file one against Creator:-)

    That might actually be a known bug though, so please check for similar issues before filing a new one.

  • Yes the earlier standalone 2.5.x did not have this behavior. I'll check the bugtracker..

  • I have he same issue. 2.4 worked flawless.

  • Apparently the same combo works with my Mac OSX Lion / QtSDK 5.0.1's QtCreator..

  • I've just tested it (CTRL+SHIFT+7), and it's also working on Windows.

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