Porting from 4.8.1 to 5.0.1, cannot include multiple libraries

  • So, I started working on a project when 4.8.1 was the most recent release. Then, I got a new computer and decided to upgrade to 5.0.1 since I wanted to use some of the multimedia features. I've ported all of my libraries and another program. However, this one includes three of the libraries I built, and I am unable to use them all. I'm using MinGW on Windows, fyi. Here's my .pro file:

    @QT += opengl widgets gui

    INCLUDEPATH += ../../Libraries/BattleFileLib

    SOURCES += main.cpp

    HEADERS +=

    FORMS +=

    LIBS+= -L ../../Libraries/BattleFileLib/release -l BattleFileLib
    -L ../../Libraries/MAPLib/release -l MAPLib
    -L ../../Libraries/BPKLib/release -l BPKLib@

    The error I'm getting from the compiler is:

    bq. g++: error: BattleFileLib: No such file or directory
    g++: error: MAPLib: No such file or directory

    Notice no BPKLib problems. I'm sure they're all built and in the /release folder. The thing is, I only added the widgets to QT+= at the top of the file (and changed a couple of the includes for Qt5) to get it to this part. I've been struggling with this for a couple days now, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Try change a LIBS to:
    LIBS+= -L../../Libraries/BattleFileLib/release -lBattleFileLib
    -L../../Libraries/MAPLib/release -lMAPLib
    -L../../Libraries/BPKLib/release -lBPKLib

  • "Hostel":http://qt-project.org/member/17826 +1:

    [quote author="Hostel" date="1360977017"]

    Try change a LIBS to:
    LIBS+= -L../../Libraries/BattleFileLib/release -lBattleFileLib
    -L../../Libraries/MAPLib/release -lMAPLib
    -L../../Libraries/BPKLib/release -lBPKLib

    Space between l and the library name is not needed.

  • Great! That worked. Thank you so much. That was incredibly frustrating. It worked fine in 4.8.1. Good to know it wasn't anything huge.

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