Qt 5.0.1 : failed to initialize XrandR

  • Hello.

    I have a big problem with Qt 5 migration.
    Qt 5 and our app is installed on a Linux server. Then users telnet to this machine using different small terminals, some of them running old versions of X11, and use Export DISPLAY. We can't update those.

    With Qt 4 everything worked great.

    With Qt5 (maybe because of the X11->XCB switch, I'm not an expert on this) it's a nightmare. 99% of the users are stuck with the message "Xbc: Can't initialize XrandR". The other 1% users get the app displayed with the same error message, but with strange fonts and all the windows moves and resizes are EXTREMELY SLOW -> app unusable. 1 user only seems to have the app working nicely, and he seems to have XrandR 1.2.

    I tried compiling Qt with different configure options without any success. I need help otherwise, I really don't know how we'll manage to do the switch. Thanks!

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