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Cross compiling Qt 4.8 For QNX 6.5 on Windows

  • I'm trying get QT 4.8.4 compiled to run on QNX 6.5 on a laptop that's running Windows 7. I've been able to find a lot of stuff about how to do this for qt 4.7 and earlier versions and QT 5 Commercial, but it's not the same for QT 4.8.4 (trust me, I tried using the exact same config that worked for Qt 5). Right now I run configure and then make and it stops while trying to compile the examples because of undefined references to classes in the QtCore an QtGui libraries. The missing classes source files are not listed in the Makefile, and I know that is the problem. I could just manually change them, but it's alot of files, and I'm sure the issue is with my configuration. Has anybody been able to do this before? Or does anyone have advance knowledge how the configure works and how I can figure out why it's generating the Makefiles how it is?

    Here is the configuration command I've been using, everything after no qt3support is stuff I had to add to fix other compilation errors:

    configure -embedded -platform win32-g++ -arch i386 -xplatform qws/qnx-i386-g++ -hostprefix

  • Oh sorry. The command got cut off. Here's the whole thing:
    configure -embedded -platform win32-g++ -arch i386 -xplatform qws/qnx-i386-g++ -hostprefix C:/Qt -prefix /usr/local/QtEmbedded-4.8.4 -no-webkit -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -qt-libtiff -qt-zlib -no-qt3support -no-style-windowsxp -no-style-windowsvista -no-opengl -D QT_NO_SOUND -D QT_NO_QWS_DIRECTFB -D QT_NO_CUPS -D QT_NO_SESSIONMANAGER

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