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Qt Creator debugger question

  • Hi,

    I am using generic project. I have executable, and I want QtCreator to attach to it and debug it.

    However, executable is started from a script - this script starts executable and does all the necessary preparations for executable to function correctly. After that, script is executing a test on the executable, and during that test I would liek to make Qt Creator stop executable at a breakpoint. This means that file that is being started (script) is different from file that is about to be debugged (executable).

    Is it possible to automatically do this with QtCreator - I have not figured out if file I run (script) and executable can be different.

    I was able to do this manually - so I start script from command line, then wait untill executable process starts, then attach.
    However, this way I'm not able to set up a break point at the entry of a main, because it takes some time for me to go through all entries after script starts executable.

    Is it poossible to set up debugger in QtCreator to start script, "wait" untill script starts the executable, attach, and wait until it hits first breakpoint.


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