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Qt::Failing to Add QWidget as a parent to QListView

  • Well I am facing an issue related to layout. I have a class by name AVCHDClipListWidget which is inherited from QWidget. By using QVBoxLayout, I am setting the layout of this ListWidget as follows:

    @m_pAVCHDClipListWidget = new AVCHDClipListWidget(this);
    QWidget *pListWidget = new QWidget();
    QVBoxLayout *playout = new QVBoxLayout(pListWidget);

    When I create the object for AVCHDClipListWidget class, the constructor executes the following statements:

    @m_pSecondaryListView = new AVCHDBinListView(this);
    QGridLayout *pgridlayout = new QGridLayout(this);

    Here AVCHDBinListView is a class which inherits from QListView. When I execute this code, I get a listview with the fixed height and expandable width as shown in the above code.

    But I need a widget which surrounds it. Basically a Qwidget, inside which this list view should be visible. I am failing to achieve it. Please help :)

  • well... the easiest way would be to set the layout of the surrounding widget which you want with the Listview you want... I used the class names because the names you provided are too long but basically this is what you need to do...


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