Qt Creator 2.6.2 Intellisense or autocomplete does not work for headers in precompiled header.

  • Hi All,

    I have moved all my header inclusions from cpp files in project to precompiled header. In such case Intellisense or autocomplete does not work for identifiers declared/defined in those headers. Compiling works absolutely fine because of following code in .pro file:
    CONFIG += precompile_header
    PRECOMPILED_HEADER = Precompiled.h
    precompile_header:!isEmpty(PRECOMPILED_HEADER) {

    Can someone suggest how to make it work without having to move the headers back in respective cpp files.

    Thank you,

    Best Regards.

  • I don't think that will work at all for intellisense and autocomplete. The pro file is for the compiler to read and maybe creator is smart enough to grab some defines from it to use in source files. Maybe try this in the tools forum instead. Might be a smart guy out there who knows.

  • I suggest you to close all the other projects in the session and keep only the current and dependent projects, After that try the following

    Restart Qt Creator and check if it works, if not then try

    1. Right Click on your project in project tree ->Clean
    2. Right Click on your project in project tree ->Run qmake
    3. Right Click on your project in project tree ->Build
    4. Run.

    If that too does not work then go to your project directory in windows explorer and try to delete all the make files manually.


    Restart Qt Creator and open the project again.

    Check if this works.

  • Hello,

    i am use creator 2.7.1 and lib 4.8.4 with VirtualBox on windows7 . The IDE is not loading the members if i try to get acces via . do you now if i have to set something in the settings or to install an additional plug in for auto code completion?

    Thank you fo your help.

    QByteArray data;
    QString sdata;

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