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CMake Generators

  • Qt Creator doesn't appear to be able to to find any generators for CMake on my Pi. I know CMake is present and I have used it in a terminal to generate Unix Makefiles. I can even then import the existing project and build code, clean code, etc. though I cannot get it to build the makefiles via cmake with the little dropdown that appears with a 'Build now' button Anyone know why it might not be working? I'm using the latest version of qtcreator and cmake via apt.

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    Have you set up a kit with a toolchain?

  • Running qtcreator -version reports 2.5.0. I believe 2.6.0 is when kits were introduced? Is 2.5.0 not the most up-to-date version for Pi ?

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    There is no special version for the Pi AFAIK. It is open source, so somebody might have done one, you never know;-)

    Qt Creator 2.6.x and 2.7 beta should both support remote linux servers using SSH and gdbserver.

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