Accessing Windows registry with Qt5

  • I am currently trying to port a program I wrote in Qt4 to Qt5 which I have just downloaded. The one problem I have ran into is accessing the Windows registry. I did this in a very clean and simple way in Qt4 using a class called QSettings, but it does not appear to exist in Qt5, and from a Google search it seems it was taken out for some reason. I'm wondering if there is a straightforward way to do this in Qt5 or is it a case of using the RegOpenKeyEx(), RegGetValue(), RegSetKeyValue() methods directly?

    Any info much appreciated!

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    AFAIK it's still there in 5.0: "QSettings":

  • Indeed. It is still there, and it is still in Qt Core.

  • Curious as to why the QSettings methods work on XP but not Win7. I have verified that the settings are in a Win7 registry in same location as XP.

    Using the following code…

    // extract Windows Registry settings and save the data we're interested in..Qt method
    QSettings settings( "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft", QSettings::NativeFormat );

    // windows system identifiers..notcase
    QStringList wids;

    wids.append( "1:" + settings.value( "Windows NT/CurrentVersion/ProductId" ).toString().trimmed() );
    wids.append( "2:" + settings.value( "Internet Explorer/Registration/ProductID" ).toString().trimmed() );
    wids.append( "3:" + settings.value( "Cryptography/MachineGuid" ).toString().trimmed() );

    Is there a permission or UAC setting that blocks access to the registry in Win7 (&8) ?

  • Well, modern windows systems do "virtualization" of some parts of the windows registry as well as the file system. So, if you try to write to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for instance with an application that does not have elevated access rights, it ends up in a a part of the registry somewhere under the HKEY_LOCAL_USER settings.

  • Yep. Writing to the registry I can understand the need/requirement for elevated access privileges.

    It seems odd that reading from a registry entry is blocked. The above "setting.value" call returns an empty string..even though I have verified with regedit that the entry exists and contains string data.

    Thinking out loud..maybe the " QSettings settings()" instantiation is the it's blocked by UAC or whatever and just returns an empty QSettings object.

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