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Qt5 Webkit performance

  • I am a Linux developer and I need to embed web content. My options are:

    B)Chrome Embedded Framework

    Qt4 Webkit has not enough performance to work for me (my application really needs more performance), so I would want to know how Qt5 Webkit compares with Chrome. Qt5 is by far easier to use, but I really need a good performance so I would want to know if you could give me some advice.


  • I can't say much about the performance (for me it's ok), but all in all QtWebKit in Qt5 still feels pretty much unfinished. E.g. the QML API is not finalized yet, the experimental API is not documented, Flash plugin does not work for me, bugs regarding scrolling, etc...

    I'm not sure this is the case if you're using QtWebkit inside a QtWidgets app, but I'm having those troubles using it with QtQuick 2.0.

    I guess in the end it depends what you really need to do.

  • I am building some libraries to facilitate the web development with native functionalities, so the Webkit performance is critical.

  • I do not know what do you understand when talking about 'performance' but if you talk about memory and CPU usage I can state the following:

    • The memory usage of Qt5's QtWebKit is at least 3-4 times higher than with Qt4!
    • The CPU usage of CSS3 animations is really high!

    I tested this extensively on Windows 7 and Windows XP and also reported this behaviour as bugs, because in my opinion this is a real nightmare, look here: "106309": and here "106304":

    I do not know how it will perform on Linux, but I would expect that the changed behaviour of the memory consumption (i.e. worse than in Qt4.8) will be the same on linux.

  • That's a really bad performance...

    And what about HTML5 support?

  • Well... HTML5 support is a huge field ;-)

    In my opinion the HTML5 support is good and further improved with Qt5. For example the 'flexbox' stuff (some colleagues are huge fans of this) now works really well with Qt5.

    As for audio and video I can only say that it seems to be tricky for Windows, but for Linux it seems to be no problem, because some libraries or plugins you need (multimedia stuff, do not ask me for details), are working almost out-of-the-box.

    Just check out the page "": with the example browser that comes with the Qt libraries.

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