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Launch qtdemo.exe without QT Installation.

  • hi,

    Currently is all QT libs and exe, etc. in Subversion Repository.
    One of our team member has installed in his computer and checked in the whole Directory to Subversion Repository.

    and for using QT Libs, i have to only set the QT_DIR in Environment Setting.

    But how can i lauch qtdemo.exe?

    is it possible to launch qtdemo.exe? i mean, if it is possible to launch all the example through qtdemo.exe.

  • by double-clicking on them?
    If your Qt library path is setted in the system enviroment paths, then all examples should also work.

  • @Serenity

    no. it does not. that is why i ask here..

    in my environment variable there is already following variable.


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