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OpenGL 3 not supported with Qt 4.7

  • Hello,

    I am happy to join this forum today ! I use Qt for a certain time. I recently started to use openGL with it, and now I have a few problems to do it on Linux. On Windows my drivers were up-to-date, and it was working.

    But now, I am running on Debian, unstable version. After one night and one kernel compilation, my NVidia driver is finally up-to-date, version 310.32 :D

    I know it comes with openGL 3.0 (higher in fact), and Qt 4.7 supports it. I have the last version of the libqt4-opengl-dev package. However I am not able to create a context with openGL >= 2.1.


    returns false.

    Did I miss something ? I really want to use GLSL 1.3, not 1.2 :)

    Thank for you help.

  • Oops, exact duplicate of “QGLShaderProgram: shader programs are not supported” with OpenGL 3.2 in 5.0.1 I think... except I am not on Mac.

    Edit: Actually I am using Qt 5.0, but the use of the package libqt4-opengl is confusing. If somebody can explain to me how to upgrade the whole thing, thanks.

  • Ok, I solved my issue thanks to this : http://qt-project.org/wiki/How_to_use_OpenGL_Core_Profile_with_Qt
    Maybe it will can help somebody.

  • Hi, at this point you are probably best using Qt 5. This has better support for modern OpenGL. Qt 5.1 should see a whole bunch of other new stuff to make your life easier when writing Qt + OpenGL 3/4 applications.

    Any questions just come back to the forum.

  • Hi, thank for your answer.

    Actually I don't understand what I need to install in order to use openGL with Qt5. I installed Qt Creator (with Qt 5), then I had errors about openGL headers not found. That is why I installed the package libtqt4-opengl-dev, but it seems it was not a good idea. Can you please tell me what I should do to develop with the latest version ?


  • Hello again,

    According to this thread http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/22821/#107114 , I compiled Qt by passing in -opengl desktop option to the configure.

    I added this new compiled version to the compiler in Qt Creator options. Unfortunately I am not able to choose it for my project : the choice 'Qt version' doesn't appear. According to some researches it might be because my own version doesn't have ABI support, but it does:
    ABI: x86-linux-generic-elf-32bit, same as the default version

    What I am doing wrong ?

    Thank you.

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