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Win7 32-bit Unable to get Creator 2.6.2(5.0 distribution) to work properly. Crashes

  • Hi,
    I've been having trouble ever since I've upgraded my Qt build to 5.0. Whenever i click a tab on the welcome screen, "Getting Started" "Develop" "Examples" or "Tutorials", Creator crashes. I can create new projects and open projects from the "Develop" tab that opens by default when you start Creator. I can also use the menu bar at the top with no problems. I've also noticed that when working on a QML project, opening up designer crashes Creator. I've tried getting a backtrace for the IRC community but the debugger doesn't seem to dumb any info.

    So, I thought I'd install it for VS2010, which worked fine, but there didn't find any support for QtQuick there and felt limited. I then decided to try to compile Qt, but after running @configure -debug-and-release -opensource -platform win32-g++@

    i got the errors

    bq. execute: File or path is not found (mingw32-make) execute: File or path is not found (mingw32-make) Cleaning qmake failed, return code -1

    so then i I learned that i could download a nightly build of creator. After doing that, I managed to load Creator without any crashes, but had problems loading the docs, i eventually found them and the documentation seems to all be working. but now i don't have the compiler and debugger etc. and setting it up has been fairly complicated.
    I've managed to find my settings for the version of QtCreator that crashes in

    bq. /Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/QtProject/qtcreator

    but i don't know how to import this information into the nightly build that i've installed. Could someone please help?


    I've searched the bug reports but was unable to find anything that looked like this. there were so many crash reports

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    I have not heard of such a crash as you describe yet. Can you please got a backtrace and "file a bug report": so that we can fix the issue? Thanks!

  • Hello Tobias,
    I'd love to, but it seems the debugger doesn't work for me.

    i've got the machine assembly at least. I will submit ASAP. but could someone please help me with an alternative in the mean time?

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    You seem to have set up MSVC2010, not mingw, so try running configure with "-platform win32-msvc2010" (IIRC, I am not a regular windows user, check $QTDIR/qtbase/mkspecs for something that seems appropriate for windows and your compiler of choice).

  • Thanks for the suggestion but i have minGW installed as well. I thought the minGW compiler would be the best way to go for Qt. No matter, I'll try compiling with msvc

  • didnt work. I'll just go back to 4.8. I've submited the bug at least. hope it helps them.

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