ARM Cross - compilation

  • Hi everyone,
    i've realized an application using QT Creator and now i'd like to crosscompile it for BeagleBoard (arm-linux-gnueabi).
    In Qt Creator i've noted that in:

    Project -> Build Settings -> ToolChain -> Manage

    it's possible to specify the toolchain to be used. I've cloned the default toolchain creating an ARM_compilation and adding to it the path of my toolchain (I've dowloaded the CodeSourcery) but when i want to compile my app using it, the Qt creator don't let me to select the new toolchain and compiles using the default GCC for X86......

    Note that i would like to crosscompile the app in my PC, and only later insert the binary crosscompiled in my BeagleBoard.

    Any ideas to solve this boring problem???


  • In the past I used qemu to emulate an arm machine with Debian just for compile. Is not a quick solution but works.
    Sorry, do you know a economic board with 256 Mb of ram where I can install Debian for arm, with a touch screen display?

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