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Tst_qquickanimations Not Linking

  • I checked out qt5 from git, did ./init_repository, configured with -opensource -confirm-license -developer-build, built the whole thing, installed to /usr/local/Qt-5.0.1 and now I'm trying to run a unit test at


    I generated the makefile doing


    then gmake and I get 68~ undefined references. All of the references are from, and when I nm -C that library, I see that all of the references are there, but with t symbol. All -L flags are, of course, correctly configured.

    Any ideas of what could be wrong?

  • I have to add that I actually reconfigured to be a -developer-build, but apparently I didn't reconfigure well enough. I fixed this by refetching all of the code and configuring it right the first time.

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