Invitation to Dutch Qt users to join the new Dutch group!

  • In the landrush to create new groups, the regional group for the Netherlands was quickly approved. I extend an open invitation to all Dutch (-speaking) Qt developpers to join this group.

  • I wish there would be some feature to automatic translation of other language post in English or in any other language so that every one can be benefited. I know many time some wonderful things has been discussed in language which many people dont understand.

  • You can use Google Translate (I use Chrome and when I open any non-English discussion it immediately offers to translate it to me). I know the quality is not so good but in most cases at least understandable.

  • True. Quality is improving though.
    There are always going to be languages you're not able to understand. For some people, that could even be English, which is one of the reasons why language specific forums may be useful. Note however that the Dutch group does not have a forum (at the moment), because I think discussions in Dutch are probably not useful. I think most Dutch developers will have a sufficient working knowledge of English.

  • I assume the same about Hungarian developers, however the Hungarian forum is a good place to discuss local things in our mother tongue.

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