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Found an error in the Qt assistant help (Version 5.0.1),any idea where this should be reported?

  • In the License Wizard Example of the help ,the nextId() method of the ConclusionPage class should have been written as follows:
    @int ConclusionPage::nextId() const
    return -1;

    and what is written is as follows:
    @int IntroPage::nextId() const
    if (evaluateRadioButton->isChecked()) {
    return LicenseWizard::Page_Evaluate;
    } else {
    return LicenseWizard::Page_Register;

    In the files included in the installation directory:dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.cpp everything is right.I just think they copied the wrong function in the help.
    Any help in reporting this would be appreciated.
    Anyways,thank you Qt guys to provide such a good developing platform.

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    Hi musimbate,

    You can report errors and suggestions at (you'll need to create an account)

  • Thanks,I ll go there and see what I can do.

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