Qt OpenSource 4.8.4

  • When installing I get an error saying:

    Qt OpenSource 4.8.4 Setup

    There is a problem with your MinGW installation:

    g++ not found in C:\MinGW\bin\

    Do you still want to continue? (Your installation may not work)

    Yes No

    MinGw was installed in the D:\ not in the C:, so the %path% has it, but the Qt installer does not see it.
    How can I solve this problem?

  • Hi,

    Installer asks you where MinGW is.
    You con provide it the correct PATH.

  • Hey! thanks for the reply.
    I have discontinue Qt from the current project, we have chosen Gtkmm, simply because it installed without any problems. Most of the programmer here, though eager to learn Qt, are most familiar with the Gtkmm library.

    Qt has a fantastic RAD and an extensive library, but, even though it installed, it did not work with VSE10; the RAD's green arrow was not functional.
    I personally tested it using GCC, but there were also some glitches in this installation, according to some experts in this Forum/Group, I had to downgrade GCC. Apparently Qt4.x.x only works with an old version of GCC. Nonetheless, we had the choice of compiling Qt source code, but we ran out of time.
    Qt might be a wonderful development tool on Linux platforms, but for Windows Operating Systems... hummm, no.

    I would like to learn more about this Qt library that *nix users talk so much about, so in about 6 months I will come back and check it out again. I sincerely hope that Trolltech would have solve all these inconveniences that exist in the Qt's MS-Windows version of today.

    Bye! Adios, Salam, Shalom and all that stuff.

  • Trolltech is a company that is long gone. They sold Qt to Nokia, which after a couple of years in turn sold it to Digia. In the mean time, the project was opened up for external contributions as well.

    We are using Qt with great success on windows, as are many others. I am sorry you could not make it work for your project, but I do hope you'll come back to check again later.

  • I also started programming with another IDE/library and I cannot say, that your problem is Qt-depended, it's more the understanding/knowledge of your operating system and the knowledge of your programming library. Gtk would not be a solution for me, because I never used it, don't know how to install and the documentation looks (!) horible. I also used SDL, which has also no good documention, but I found a good tutorial to learn it. OpenCV is also not easy to install but a mighty library.

    I tried one time to port an existing app to Mac OSX and it was quite hard to do that for me. But I would get all the problems also with another library.

    At the end, I could only say: Never gonna give Qt up, never gonna let Qt down...

  • Look kids, I am not interested in learning how a application-tool should be installed or what makes the application-tool work better. What I want is to installed the application and use it.
    I would like to know how many engineers here get an application-tool to earn a living with the intention of trouble-shooting it first.
    If Microsoft had brought to us MS-Office, so that we could trouble shoot it before giving it to writers, it would have never flown! Even more superior Office Packages, like Correl Suite, were pushed out. In Linux it was difficult to install and to remove application when it first started, but following the example of MS, Linux quickly moved forward to make the everyday tasks very easy, just like Microsoft Windows did when it came face to face with IBM in '95. At that time everybody knew that OS/2 Warp was a 100% better OS than Win95, but MS made it easy for everybody to get "the computer working", you know'ta I mean.
    I consulted with some other engineers and they have installed and used Qt in the past, when Trolltech existed; they all said that it was beautiful and powerful, but that was under Linux, they all said.
    One more thing I would like to bring to the table is that IBM grew arrogant because of its history and abilities, it was powerful and reliable. IBM had the attitude of "I am the best, if you want the best for your business... just come and get it", while MS had the attitude of "I know I am not the best, but I want your business and I will come to you to get it", were is IBM now? Where is MS now? No developer will ever talk about an application that does not work on MS-OS, but for a long time I have not been ask for any application to work in IBM-OS.
    Now, don't take this criticism as insults to Qt, by no means it is my intention to insult the guys working hard to bring us Qt. What my intention is though, is to bring awareness to the team of weaknesses that can be easily turn into strengths. Gtkmm is not nearly close to Qt, but the folks at GTK+/GTKmm are working hard at making it easy for us to use it. If Qt keeps this attitude of I am the best and if you want the best come to me, Qt will go the way IBM did, powerful but unwanted.
    This reminds me of a girl in High School, she was beautiful, but she had really bad attitude. She's now married to a guy who works as a truck driver, when he works, she has two kids from two previous marriages and now one with him. She is not very good looking now, no, not any more.

  • Moderators

    Wow, a first-class rant, nice ;)

    Situation is slowly improving, don't you worry. We are still feeling the ripples from Nokia's selling of Qt. Qt Project SDK is getting better (newest release does include MinGW built-in, for example). Anyway, the problem is always Windows. The trouble is that MSVC is not a particularly good compiler (and it's license forbids bundling it with Qt), while MinGW is even worse. A no-win situation.

  • This is very good news!! Binding Qt with MinGW is a great idea! I can see Qt pushing MFC and Gtk out of the Windows/Linux market as well as taking a big chunk out JAVA. However, this will trigger MS and JAVA to become more competitive, so... don't slow down, keep up the fantastic work you are doing!!
    I will not wait for the next 5 month to come back to Qt, a previously schedule. I will start working on learning more about Qt as soon as possible.

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