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How to force listview to draw all items?

  • Hi *,

    I have a data model in c++ and a listview for showing the stuff. The delegate is only a Loader item which load the items from diferent files based on the path inside the model. It works very well. But now I have the exact same thing but with other files ( 2 listviews each showing an item ). Item1 in listview1 belongs to item1 in listview2 and vs. Therefore I register the item in a javascript array.
    My problem is following:

    if the model contains only one item every thing is working well - but after adding one more and updating the model listview1 is only creating one item but listview2 creates both and the second can't find itself in the js-array.
    If I set the currentIndex of listview1 to 1 ( the second item) the delegate creates the item.

    Can give anybody an idea how I can force the listview to draw all items?

    Thanks in advance.


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