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My app need a old version of "libpng"

  • Hello all,

    Today I upgrade my computer, I make a rsync of everything from older computer (using OpenSuse 11.3, now I install OpenSuse 12.2), install the QtCreator (same as on the older computer) and try to compile and run my app...
    So, I got no error at compiling time, but when I try to run the app I got this error:

    libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Well I check the version of this lib installed here, and I found the version "libpng14"...
    How can I fix this problem, I know that I can install the version "libpng12" but I don't want to do that, how can I make my app use a new lib?

    Thanks all...

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    Recompile Qt, possibly together with -qt-png to avoid similari issues in the future.

  • Appears to be easy to install the older libpng!


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