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Record as you experiment with Qt and C++

  • Hi guys,
    Lately i have been experimenting heavily with Qt and an idea has crossed my mind to make videos about stuff I experiment with.I benefited a lot from the videos made by a guy named Brian at his youtube channel and he is such an inspiration!
    Part of me says that I wouldn't there is not much I could add to what guys like Brian have already done;another part says to just go for it ,and who knows,it might help.

    I already make electronics video tutorials and these would be just an extension.You can see one of my videos "here":

    I would more than appreciate any feedback.

  • Brian is that voidrealms page guy right? Oh he's so wonderful. His teaching is so simple yet we learn SO much from it. I started learning Qt by watching his videos. Even this "guy": is quite good.

    So if your question is, do I make Brian like videos? , then the answer is yes! You should go for it. In the bargain you'll end up learning a lot and will also help several other people learn from you. Just make sure to get your facts right and be careful not to mislead your viewers.

    Good luck!

    P.S. : Post your link here if you did decide to make videos. I'd love to watch.

  • Yeah he is just amazing.And thanks for the link.These days I am just looking around to find out which points i should hit.Like getting the environment set up and stuff .I think that most people quit programming because they cannot get the development environment set up.The good thing is that there are a lot of people willing to help in communities like this.

  • [quote author="musimbate" date="1360237417"]The good thing is that there are a lot of people willing to help in communities like this.[/quote]

    That's very true.

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