Qt5: clicked() signal of buttons emitted twice

  • Hello,

    in some application running on a Tablet PC I get the strange behavior that if I click a button via touch panel, the clicked() signal seems to be emitted twice with a short delay between. For example, if I click on a button which toggles a widget, it shows up and shortly afterwards vanishes again.
    When using the mouse everything is working fine. The same applies for the touch panel, if I compile the application with Qt 4.8.4.

    Any suggestions or comments..?

    Thanks in advance.

  • maybe you can try add a timer to your application which will work as filter, if signal comes until timer is out it will ignore it

  • In the meantime I have done a work around for this issue as suggested above by an appropriate event filter.
    Nevertheless, the behavior is still the same even when compiling with Qt5.0.1. While playing around with other systems, I could observe this behavior only when running my program compiled with Qt5.0.x under Windows 8. Under Windows XP everything seems fine.
    Maybe this gives a hint to the origin of the failure...

  • Same problem here, QT 5.0.2 under Windows 8 with touch panel

  • Updating to 5.1.0 solves the problem

  • Are you using an activated() signal at all?

    If you are then you will trigger both the clicked signal and activated signal.

  • No, I used the clicked() signal

  • Please file a bug report then. Bugs reported in this forum are not picked up by developers.

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