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Deploying an application in linux.No DLLs?

  • I have been working with Qt for some time in windows and a few days back i decided to install it on my linux box and i got it running today.Built and run the application as usual.When I run the binary file alone it run without problems .In windows it usually asks for .dlls and stuff.Is it always this way it goes in linux or there is something I am missing?Sorry if my question seems dumb.I am new to linux and haven't mastered yet its working flow.


  • Is the same, on linux is called .so if is shadown building, otherwise if the qt is build static your executable have the needed library.

    In your case maybe, you have just installed the qt library on linux distribution, this is why the application works!

  • Thanks stuk,
    looks like i have to look more into those .so files.Gives me a good direction to keep doing my research in.

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